We strives to bring you the most natural and healthy supplements for dogs. Our products aim to increase your companion's quality of life, mobility and overall health. As corporate citizens we aim to be good stewards of our environment and animal welfare. We foster policies that will lead to better environmental policies and our products will reflect those values. 

Certified Quality

Our supplements are manufactured under strict guidelines and food safety controls. The ingredients for our products are sourced from producers following strict guidelines regarding animal welfare and environmental best-practices. We value honesty and transparency in our product quality and manufacturing process. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.

All Natural

We highly value natural ingredients in our products. We strive to develop products that benefit the natural metabolism of dogs and support their growth and nutritional needs without the use synthetic ingredients. 

No Animal Testing

By now you should know that we love our furry friends - no exceptions! While we want simply the best for our closest friends, we do not want it to negatively influence the welfare of others. We reject all animal testing and contribute to the protection of animals all around.

No Additives

We believe natural dog nutrition should not rely on synthetic, unnecessary fillers or flavor enhancing additives, which is often used in name-brand dog foods. These additives do not make food more nutritional. Quite the opposite is true: Natural ingredients, minerals and vitamins are a better solution to provide a balanced diet to your four-legged friends.