About US

We love dogs...and coffee...but mostly dogs! We are dog lovers just like you and we are on a mission to offer dog parents a brand-agnostic selection of dog treats and supplements of the highest quality.

How it all started

We are a group of coffee drinking, sun seeking and dog loving Germans who moved to beautiful Miami for obvious reasons. The serial entrepreneurs and social butterflies that we are, we kept on bumping into one another at events and happy hours (ok, it involved beer). After first focussing on our own cravings and launching a successful coffee business, we felt it was time to address an itch of our beloved fur babies. We discovered a need in the market for a natural alternative to existing dog treats and supplements. After all, our dogs are family, so why wouldn't we pay the same attention to their diet as we do to ours and that of our children?

One hot summer Miami BBQ, we were discussing problems in finding the high quality, all-natural dog treats we used to feed our puppies back in Germany. All we could find were treats and chews which contained a myriad of ingredients we never even heard of and definitely did not feel comfortable feeding our pups. And if we encountered that problem, there was a good chance other dog parents would experience the same struggle. So we set out to offer our fellow dog lovers a curated selection of simple, all-natural dog treats, chews and supplements.

The digital natives that we are, we started looking for the best dog treats and supplements online. Our heritage brought us to a manufacturer in Germany that offered a range of all-natural nutritional supplements for dogs. Their products stood out, because they were simple and contained just the right ingredients without additives. This in combination with Germany's rigorous food safety standards seemed like just the right place to start our own Nutrani line of all-natural dog treats and supplements. Over time, we realized we weren't alone on our quest and met likeminded brands from the US which we added to our shop. Today, we are proud to offer our fellow dog parents a wide selection of dog treats and supplements of the highest quality. Just like we only source coffee we actually like to drink, we only offer dog treats we feel comfortable feeding our own pups. From our families to yours!

Maybe you can't tell, but we love dogs. Drop us a line if you have any questions or simply want to send us a picture of your pup. We love to feature our furry customers!!

man and woman smiling with coffee mugs and pug on a bench